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What and How!

The One World Challenge is a university competition where students from ETHZ, UZH, ZHAW, ZHDK can join and experience during 3 weeks what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle.


Join the group competition

The One World Challenge Challenge is a group competitions that lasts three weeks. Participants can form teams and choose simple daily actions from topics such as mobility, energy, food, resources and well-being.

Track your progress

On our WeAct platform participants learn in a playful manner about the impact of their actions, hints and tricks on how to make them more sustainable as well as track their progress. Many actions are available such as lowering the heating, eating more seasonal vegetables and fruits,  cycling more freqently and many more.

Get rewarded

From the participants perspective, the goal of this group competition is to gain as many points as possible, creating a healthy rivalry where teams compete against each other.  The best performing teams are rewarded with real prizes at the end of the Challenge. 

Past Challenges :


One World Challenge : 03 - 23 Nov 2014



Energy Efficiency Challenge : 05 - 25 May 2014